Discipleship. Nurture. Accountability.

DNA Groups are 2-3 (same gender) people getting together on a consistent basis to encourage one another in the gospel. NCC desires to create a discipleship culture where men, woman, and children are continually growing as disciples of Jesus. Theses groups are meant to be organic, simple, and reproducible so more disciples can multiply and mature. 


2-3 people (same gender) consistently getting together where ever the group determines (homes, coffee shop, church, etc.) to be built up in faith. Second, study of the Bible, or other Christian literature leading to Bible study. Third, prayer for accountability in life's struggles. Fourth, mutual learning and discussion. There is not a master teacher in a DNA group; everyone comes to learn, grow, and share struggles and victories. Fifth, multiplication. Over time we desire to see these groups multiply to make room for more discipleship. 



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