Giving is one of the ways we worship God as disciples of Jesus

Jesus became poor so we could become rich in him. Our desire to give is from a joyful heart because everything belongs to God already. There are a couple ways you can give at New City. 

Give on Sundays

Every Sunday we will take an offering. You can drop check/cash in the offering baskets during the worship service. Our money is always handled with upmost integrity and accounted for by qualified leadership. All gifts are tax deductible as New City is a non-profit 5013(c). We send out tax receipts at the beginning of each year. 

Give Online

Through our website you can sign up to give online. This is a safe and easy way to give. If you would like automatic withdrawals taken from your bank account that can be set up via the web. 

Give by Mail

If you forget to give or want to mail New City a check please send it to our offices:

8711 Wornall Road
Kansas City MO, 64114

Thanks for supporting our ministry!